Veews Updates

You can now follow Hivers when you are viewing their post!

The follow button will appear just under their username and next to where the content was posted!

If the button does not appear for you, do a hard refresh in your browser or clear your cache to update to the newest version of the app.

Post searches and loading should be at least 3-4x faster than before. Posts should load in less than a second currently.

If posts still load slow for you, do a hard refresh in your browser, try clearing your cache, or change your selected node in your preferences.

You can now tweet about posts you find on Veews!

Just click the tweet button at the bottom of the posts and tweet away!

Updated the learning engine to continue to incorporate a larger array of data from each post.

Each thumb (up/down) you give will better help the engine determine posts to show you!

You can now share content you find on D.Buzz!

Look for the button at the bottom of the post next to the Leo Threads share button.

You can now search for tags to add on the Veews home page.

Simply type what you are searching for and if the tag exists, it will display for you to add it!

As a reminder, if you are not able to see the update or it does not work properly, try refreshing your page and then clearing your cache so you receive the most current versions!

Now you can bookmark posts by clicking on the bookmark icon at the top right of the post (Next to the "Open Post" button).

Once a post has been bookmarked, the icon will turn green to let you know that it was successfully bookmarked!

You can view your bookmarked posts by clicking on your user icon and the "Bookmarks" option.

Now you have the ability to set a default vote value for Posts and Comments.

Default vote values can be changed in your settings when logged in.

If you do not see changes, please refresh your browser window/tab to allow your browser to update its cache.

Now you can share any post to Leo Threads while Veewing. Just look for the share button next to the Upvote and Comment area!

You can now set your default Vote Value in your settings. Current default is 25%

You can now select your default Hive API Node, Hive-Engine API Node, and Front End.

If you are logged in, click here or click on your username in the top right corner and select the "Settings" option.

When you save your settings, all changes are immediate.

Veews beta was opened to the general public.